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Flex Your Mixology Muscle At The Whistler

By Paul Leddy in Food on Jan 9, 2014 10:30PM

It has been over five years since the craft cocktail movement began in Chicago. Over that time, cocktail drinkers have gone from timid consumers that requested the most straightforward drink to where we now turn our nose up when house bitters aren't being used.

Face it, we have become cocktail snobs.

If you have sat at a bar and thought you can do this or offered advice to your bartender on how to make a cocktail better (they really love that, by the way), The Whistler has a challenge for you.

On Thursday, January 30th, The Whistler will host a Friends and Family Cocktail Challenge. On that night, they will feature cocktails that have been selected from recipe submissions from their friends, family and regulars.

Winners will get a decent goodie bag and bragging rights. They will also help select a Logan Square based charity that will receive 25% of the nights profits.

So, start squeezing your creativity juices and remember to be careful not to overindulge when you are testing your recipes.

The guidelines for submission are as follows:

  • Submit entries to

  • Maximum two entries per person.

  • Cocktail recipes and names must be original.

  • All measurements must be expressed in ounces, dashes, and/or drops.

  • Include any relevant notes re: preparation, glassware, ice, and garnish.

  • Please stick with ingredients that any superbly stocked bar (i.e. The Whistler) has on its shelves.

  • No obscure house-made syrups, tinctures, etc.

  • Cocktails will be priced according to ingredients and preparation.

  • All submissions are due by 5:00pm on Thursday, Jan. 16th.