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Indiana Police Chief Accidentally Shoots Self, Blames Warm Fuzzy Jacket

By Kevin Robinson in News on Jan 21, 2014 10:15PM

Connersville Police Chief and candidate for Fayette County Sheriff David Counceller accidentally shot himself in the leg over the weekend, according to the Indianapolis Star. Counceller, who was at a local gun shop trying out a handgun, shot himself in the leg after his 40-caliber Glock went off. Counceller was off-duty at the time. The accident happened after Counceller tried to reholster his Glock. The weapon apparently got tangled in his fleece jacket, according to the police chief. “I was wearing a sweatshirt and a fleece jacket. I felt (the gun) go in the holster and I pushed it, but it was tangled in the material which caused it to discharge. The bullet went into my leg and then into the floor.”

Counceller said it wasn't a big deal. In fact, after the accidental shooting, he drove himself to the hospital, where medical personnel at first thought he wasn't serious when he explained how he got the wound. Connersville, Indiana mayor Leonard Urban thought the police chief was joking as well when he found out how he'd been shot. “It was just a little accident. Dave is an excellent marksman,” Urban said Monday. “Apparently the Glocks don’t have the trigger safety that they should have.” Counceller played down the severity of the wound. “It is an entrance and exit wound,” Counceller said. “I’m really lucky. It doesn’t even hurt. I’d have been at work (Monday) if it wasn’t Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I’ll be back at work on Tuesday.”

This isn't the first time Counceller's shot himself, however. 15 years ago he discharged his service weapon into his own hand while on third-shift. The then-police captain had emptied his service pistol before taking it to a gunsmith, but failed to check the barrel to confirm that there wasn't a round in the chamber. Said Counceller, “the shot hit my hand. That one really hurt.” When asked about the accidental shooting over the weekend, the police chief was both circumspect and apologetic. “I need to pay more attention,” Counceller said. “I know what the dangers are. It was pure carelessness on my part.” Just a reminder that accidents do happen folks, so please practice gun safety.