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Join The Puppet Bike Fan Club Of America

By Chuck Sudo in Arts & Entertainment on Jan 29, 2014 4:50PM

Photo credit: Laurie Chipps

A few weeks back Jason Trusty, puppet master of the Puppet Bike, sent out a lengthy, impassioned email that laid out the obstacles he’s faced over the years to keep the popular piece of functional art on wheels on the streets performing its mission of putting smiles on peoples’ faces.

Much of the cost for the maintenance and upkeep of the Puppet Bike has come from Trusty’s own pocket. That he’s been able to continue putting the bike out on the streets with volunteer riders-puppeteers as he worked on side projects is a testament to his enthusiasm for the project.

Trusty recently announced the formation of the Puppet Bike Fan Club of America, which he hopes will raise awareness about the bike and raise the necessary capital he needs to build a new and improved Puppet Bike. Memberships cost $50 and entitle members to behind-the-scenes looks at the construction of the new bike. Trusty is also selling $20 “Stock in TRUSTy” certificates that entitle holders to transfer of available puppet bike commodities like T-shirts, artwork or even puppet bike show bookings. Trusty writes, “Just like any investment its value is capable of rising and falling depending on demand and popularity. This is not just a fine work of art for all obvious reasons.”

Another avenue Trusty is taking to raise funds for a new Puppet Bike is auctioning rare retired puppets. One recent auction netted $500. Trusty wrote he'll be holding 10 retired puppet auctions.