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Honest To Goodness, Indiana's New Tourism Campaign Is A Bit Vague

By Lisa White in News on Feb 13, 2014 8:30PM


The Indiana Office of Tourism Development unveiled a new state slogan and branding Wednesday to entice visitors to explore all of Indiana, not just Indianapolis. Although, the unveiling took place in Indianapolis, the state wants to take the focus off the capital since the previous tourism slogan was “Restart Your Engines” a nod to the Indianapolis 500.

““Honest to Goodness Indiana” is reflective of the entire state and for the first time in many years, our consumer brand incorporates all regions of Indiana,” said Mark Newman, executive director of the Indiana Office of Tourism Development, travel news site Skift reported.

The campaign was developed by Indiana agency Willams Randall after consulting with 30 people in government and the public and and private sector, as well as conducting a consumer survey and focus groups, Skift reports. The campaign has the logo above, which the tourism office attempted to describe in vain despite the super vague meaning of the whole campaign:

“The mark, pictured above in the primary color scheme, will have a broad and diverse color palette applied to it, reflecting the diversity of Indiana’s assets. The brackets are intended to give the mark a “stamp” feel; the Honest to Goodness Indiana stamp of approval. The logo is intentionally tilted to add playfulness to the design and the 16-degree tilt is a subtle doff of the cap to 1816, the year of Indiana’s statehood.”

It feels like someone is trying to justify their new vague slogan a bit too much. Honest to goodness what, Indiana? Honest to goodness means genuine and straightforward, so Indiana needs to pony up some offerings of things they are honest to goodness about quickly. I myself, a native of Indiana, came up with a few. And I asked around for some more ideas online, many from Indiana natives as well. Feel free to contribute your own in the comments:

-Honest to Goodness, there is a lot of corn here. -Lisa W, Chicagoist

-Honest to Goodness, we're not just corn. -Maggie, Indiana native (Editor's note: good counterpoint!)

-Honest to Goodness, we will give you a speeding ticket if you drive 55. -Brittney, Kentucky native and regular Indiana driver/ticket receiver

-Honest to Goodness, that guy with the mini roller coaster in his front yard near Vincennes is a crazy genius. -Lisa W, Chicagoist

-Honest to Goodness, we hosted the Superbowl and we still haven't shut up about it. -Travis, Indiana resident

-Honest to Goodness, we're still the best place to cross the border for a Fazoli's fix. -Justine, Chicago resident and fan of Fazoli's

-Honest to Goodness, those are cheap fireworks! -Dena, Chicago resident

-Honest to Goodness, we have the highest moped to person ratio in the world outside of Calcutta. -Travis, Indiana resident

-Honest to Goodness, we have a pretty bad meth problem. -Lisa W, Chicagoist

-Honest to Goodness, we're the whitest state in the Midwest. -Kevin R, Indiana native and local Chicagoist curmudgeon

-Honest to Goodness, we haven't had a klansman as Governor since 1910. -Travis, Indiana resident

-Honest to Goodness, is THAT little shack actually the Klan headquarters? -DaShelle, Chicago native

-Honest to Goodness, Larry Bird is ugly. -Micha, Chicago resident

-Honest to Goodness, there are parts in the bottom Southern half that are pretty, rolling hills, trees and such, did anyone mention that or are we too busy shitting on our heritage! -Sam, Chicago resident and proud Indiana native

-Honest to Goodness, you still have to drive out of state to buy alcohol on Sundays... in 2014. -Travis, Indiana resident

-Honest to Goodness, y'all make some of the best moonshine this side of Kentucky! -DaShelle, Chicago native (and fan of moonshine)

-Honest to Goodness, we will fry anything. -Maggie, Indiana native

-Honest to Goodness, Boot City's slogan should be "Surprisingly Expensive Hats that Will Make You Reconsider Stopping Ironically To Purchase One" -Sam, Chicago resident and regretter of Boot City purchase

-Honest to Goodness, at least we aren't Kentucky? -Lisa W, Chicagoist (clearly grew up in Southern Indiana where Kentucky is the butt of most jokes)

-Honest to Goodness, we're called the Crossroads of America because you shouldn't get out of your car here. -Sam, former Chicagoist and highway traveler of Indiana

-Honest to Goodness, HELL IS REAL. -Luke, Chicago resident and not a fan of Indiana

-Honest to Goodness, it could be worse. -Kasie, Indiana native and voice of reason

When all is said and done, honest to goodness, Indiana has a lot of great people and some great things amidst the fields of corn. Sure, like any state there is the bad, but there are a lot of good people fighting for change and progress in Indiana. And some lovely sights as well. The drive between Evansville to Bloomington is beautiful in the Fall. Bloomington itself is a wonderful town to visit and houses an amazing Buddhist temple and community. The Covered Bridge Festival in Parke County is a wonderful event. For food lovers (especially fans of fried stuff) the Fall Festival in Evansville is a great event and a fun way to support local non-profits of your choice. Three Floyds Brewery is in Indiana. There are wonderful parks, museums and lovely local business across the state that deserve attention. Here’s hoping the campaign will spotlight all of these Midwest gems and more, vague slogan be damned.