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Vice Lists Some Of Billy Corgan's Other Questionable Choices

By Chuck Sudo in Arts & Entertainment on Mar 6, 2014 10:50PM


Billy Corgan turned some heads, raised some hackles and reminded us he knows how to nurse a grudge during his eight-hour improvised musical performance of the 152-page novel Siddhartha last Friday.

Now we have a fondness for The Great Pumpkin here at Chicagoist and we feel over the years we've been able to give Corgan his due as often as we've looked at his more curious decisions with the Gas Face. The folks at VICE's "Noisey" blog also have a long memory (or at least a capability for web searches) and put together what they call "A Brief History of Billy Corgan Losing His Goddamn Mind."

The Siddhartha performance is listed, as is that time in 2005 when he put out a full-page ad in the Tribune to get the Smashing Pumpkins back together. And the 44-track concept album Teagarden by Kaleidyscope that to date has only seen 23 tracks released. And his wrestling promotion, Resistance Pro Wrestling. (Actually, as a wrestling fan I dig that and have some sentiment for the commercial Corgan filmed with Walter E. Smithe furniture featuring wrestlers from the promotion—that's simply smart marketing.)

VICE seems to take a perverse pleasure in reminding readers of Corgan's dating history. His tempestuous relationship with Courtney Love gets some play but we completely forgot Corgan was once linked to Jessica Simpson and Tila Tequila. Hey. The heart wants what the heart wants. And sometimes what the penis wants.