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Intoxicated Indiana Man Digs Into Business, Eats All Their Hot Pockets

By Lisa White in News on Apr 3, 2014 9:30PM

(Photo courtesy of South Bend Police Department)
Signs are you probably didn't handle yourself very well if you are woken up in a strange place by police and when asked if you did any drugs your response is "I hope so." Such was the case this past Sunday morning for 19-year-old Notre Dame student Brian McCurren, who was arrested after an eventful night of damaging property and stolen snacking.

Police responded to a burglar alarm at the South Bend day spa Therapeutic Indulgence early Sunday. Upon arrival, police found McCurren passed out in the kitchen. According to police, McCurren tried to break into the business several ways and ultimately used a 100-pound flower pot to break through the front door. Once stuck in the breezeway, McCurren found a hammer and dug his way through the drywall into the main area. He then proceeded to spray multiple rooms with a fire extinguisher, broke several pieces of furniture and lamps before he made his way to the kitchen. Like most drunk people in the early morning, McCurren was hungry for a snack. Police found several warmed up Hot Pockets in the microwave, macaroni and cheese cooking in the oven and McCurren passed out at the table after eating several Drumstick ice cream cones and some of those poor Hot Pockets. Police confirmed that McCurren was very disoriented. He was arrested and charged with burglary, vandalism and underage drinking.

Now we are really craving a Hot Pocket and are thankful we have friends that make sure we make it home after a night out and not foraging in the freezers of neighboring businesses.

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