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Rhymefest Takes To PledgeMusic To Crowdfund New Album, Violence Is Sexy

By Jon Graef in Arts & Entertainment on Apr 5, 2014 4:30PM


Che 'Rhymefest' Smith has started a crowd funding campaign on PledgeMusic for his new album, Violence Is Sexy, a record that will be his third official studio album after 2006's Blue Collar and 2010's El Che.

As Rhymefest explains it, the Violence Is Sexy is an act of sonic sociology, one that tackles the most sadly, perpetually contemporary of issues: that of violence in America.

"Violence is Sexy is an album that analyzes the pathology of violence in America, and its implications throughout the world," Rhymefest said in a video explaining the project.

In addition to the album, Rhymefest has created a Violence is Sexy companion book which contains lyrics, essays from Dr. Cornel West, Mumia Abu-Jamal, and Bill Ayers, as well as artwork.

Because of the ambitious nature of the project, Rhymefest said that an independent route—meaning, no major label involvement—was the only feasible way to realize the project.

"We cannot depend on record labels to promote and pay for [this project]," Rhymefest said. "We have to do it ourselves."

To that end, the Violence Is Sexy PledgeMusic campaign has numerous incentives available as of post time: An executive produce credit for $5,000; a house concert, where Rhymefest plays a personal show, for $2,500; and a "studio hang" for $1,000.

More affordable incentives include $10 for a download of the album and updates from the studio as the album is being made; $15 for a CD and a digital download; and $40 for the signed vinyl of Violence Is Sexy.

Other incentives include signed posters, the Violence Is Sexy e-book, and attendance for the album release party.

After the project's goals are met, 5 percent of any money raised will go to Donda's House, the charity that seeks to "provide a safe, creative environment that inspires, empowers, challenges and produces tomorrow’s problem solvers through art instruction."

Check out the PledgeMusic campaign here.

In addition to his past studio albums and numerous mixtapes, Rhymefest is known for his collaborations with Kanye West, which range from "Jesus Walks," off West's debut, The College Dropout, to "On Sight" and "I Am A God," which appear on West's most recent record, Yeezus.

Rhymefest also ran for alderman in 2011. He now hosts a Monday night talkshow on WVON.