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One Great Dish: Apple Pudding Pop Tart With Foie Gras Ice Cream At Longman & Eagle

By Lisa White in Food on Apr 15, 2014 7:30PM

(apple pudding pop tart, foie gras ice cream, almond custard, poached pear, vanilla jello, caramel syrup, vanilla powder and saffron oil/Photo: Lisa White)
It’s always nice when a dish comes out of left field and leaves you scraping your plate, serving up notes and flavors that work well in concept but might find some too timid to try. The words “foie gras ice cream” would elicit intrigue and joy from some while gasps and horrors from others. In a city that once banned the decadent dish, foie gras has become the norm on numerous menus and is the star of the show in this dessert currently at Longman & Eagle.

Longman & Eagle refines the flavors of a classic apple pie (buttery crust, vanilla, caramel, savory component) and then gets a little trippy with it. Elements of vanilla are presented in jello and powder form, clean and light all alone or enhancing any other bite. You still get that instantly recognizable vanilla bean flavor but everything feels a bit different. Anchoring the dish is their apple pudding pop tart, a flakey and buttery crust lightly dusted with sugar. Poached pears, a great compliment to any apple dessert, dot the plate as well as a creamy almond custard, caramel syrup, a drizzle of saffron oil and that aforementioned foie gras ice cream. The ice cream has a rich and deep flavor but dosen’t overpower, leaving an almost buttery finish on the tongue, like a melted caramel. It’s probably a good thing they portion it out, because we could have seriously ate that ice cream until we caused our own stomach ache and it still would have been worth it. Some foods are decadent and worth enjoying at every chance in life. Apparently we now know that foie gras ice cream belongs on that list.

Longman & Eagle has long been taking the classics and pushing them out of their comfort zones into something subtle yet grand (looking at you, wild boar sloppy joe) and thankfully Pastry Chef Jeremy Brutzkus keeps this spirit going throughout the full meal. While we always enjoy dinner at Longman & Eagle, make sure you save room for dessert.