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1 In 5 Bicycle Crashes In Chicago Is A Dooring

By Chuck Sudo in News on May 16, 2014 2:20PM

Photo credit: Matthew Hardman

Here is some helpful reading courtesy of the Active Transportation Alliance. Jason Jenkins, an education specialist with the organization, wrote a handy article on how to avoid being doored while cycling. What we found fascinating about the post was the percentage of bicycle crashes classified as doorings.

According to numbers from the Illinois Department of Transportation, 20 percent of bicycle crashes in Chicago are the result of doorings. On paper that’s a significant number but it’s even more profound when one considers Chicago and Illinois didn’t keep tabs on doorings until recently. The city passed an ordinance in 2008 that addressed doorings. Police officers, as a result, began keeping better records on the type of bicycle accidents that occur.

That was followed in 2011 when IDOT, after lobbying by Active Trans, began counting doorings and crashes and tracking them. Jenkins used these as framing to offer tips on how to avoid being doored but to think that IDOT didn’t keep track of the types of bicycle crashes until three years ago, and only then because Gov. Pat Quinn gave an executive order requiring police departments across the state to do so, is asinine.

Even with a growing number of protected and buffered bike lanes being installed across the city, doorings remain arguably the biggest threat to Chicago cyclists. Be safe out there, y’all. Cycling with motor vehicle traffic can be daunting for the uninitiated and novice cyclist. It’s up to you to ensure your own safety.

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