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HEYYY YOUUU GUUUUYS: 'The Goonies' Celebrates 29 Years

By Staff in Arts & Entertainment on Jun 9, 2014 8:30PM

2016_06_the_goonies.jpg Take Richard Donner, equal parts Steven Spielberg and Chris Columbus and together you have created a timeless and well-crafted tale that brings excitement and adventure far past its 1985 theatrical release. The Goonies, one of the most beloved films of the 80's, debuted on June 7, 1985 alongside big name Brat Pack films as well as the first installment of Back To The Future, if you're wondering what a timeline of events looks like. The performance of young Hollywood lovables combined with witty jokes and Truffle Shuffles made this film a true contender among its '85 competitors and deservingly so.

The Goonies captured everything one could want in a coming-of-age adventure film- there is motive to save or protect what matters most (the goondocks), a band of misfit-like locals whose imaginations tend to stretch the truth, the occasional offside or misconstrued romance, and a race against time to offset the trail from the Fratellis (insert unrelated “Chelsea Dagger” reference here). You are transported from a creepy attic to a secret hideout which takes you on a cavernous journey only to discover what true heroes do in the face of danger: They Never Say Die.

It is a story of bravery and blind faith, to believe so strongly in your fight to save something so dear that you'd risk life, death, jewels, and Baby Ruth candy bars to see that you can succeed. If not for the courage of asthmatic and wide-eyed Mikey Walsh, how could anyone have believed our Goonies could defeat the loser jock? Dodge the preserved and sensitive booby-traps? Accept the help of a disfigured giant? But really, how?

Although there is talk of a Goonies sequel, it would seem like there is no better time for it to happen than now. Some may argue that a sequel is unnecessary, a potential flop. Perhaps, as standards may be rather high, if the entire cast returned and Spielberg was involved, it could make for an entertaining time. For several of the cast members, The Goonies helped jump-start a number of careers—namely Sean Astin, Josh Brolin, and Martha Plimpton, whose work in film and television continue to thrive. A sequel would undoubtedly make for some exciting 30th anniversary news, but for now, let us take the time to remember what the Goonies have done for us after 29 years.

The Goonies is screening this week at Brew & View at The Vic.

By: Gina Ciametti