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It's World Naked Bike Ride Time Again (Discretion Advised)

By Chuck Sudo in News on Jun 13, 2014 3:30PM

Photo credit: Aaron Cynic/Chicagoist

If you see a mass of nude and semi-nude bicyclists tooling around Chicago Saturday night that means it’s time for World Naked Bike Ride, the ride where “more ass, less gas” takes on a literal meaning.

The “bare as you dare” event, now in its 11th year, promotes the dual purposes of bicycling as a form of transit and positive body image. And how much more secure are you about your body when you’re wearing next-to-nothing and pedaling around the city streets with little left to the imagination? City officials and police have been amazingly tolerant of the ride over the years and, in the times we’ve covered it, the worst that has happened has been catcalls from observers.

The ride begins at 6 p.m. from a location that will be known to only those who are on World Naked Bike Ride Chicago’s mailing list.

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