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Weekend Playlist: Spotlight On Naked Ally Records

By Sophie Day in Arts & Entertainment on Jun 21, 2014 8:00PM


We discovered Naked Ally Records one day when stumbling around aimlessly on SoundCloud. They are a local record label out of Chicago with a lot of really great names under their belt. This weekend’s playlist will highlight the artists on their docket—getting them the attention they deserve.

The label itself is somewhat of an enigma. Their online presence is considerable, with a Soundcloud, Facebook, Tumblr , and a YouTube account. So they are everywhere. But good luck find anything about them other than the fact that they were “started in 2012 by one hobo and one respectable adult”. They should certainly be on your radar, regardless.

So let’s check out some of their bands:

The Soft Greens consists of Conor Mackey of Chicago. His sound is primarily electronic and instrumental and varies from very low key to some really fun jams. He has two EP’s available, Ceiling and four from summer.

Next we have Oshwa, the group that originally lead me to the Naked Ally page. These self-proclaimed “experimental pop darlings” released their most recent album, Chamomile Crush, just under a year ago. They will be playing Wicker Park Fest this year.

California Furniture is another venture of Spencer Radcliffe’s (also of Blithe Field), but this time he’s not alone. Their album, You’ll Live, was released last July and is available for digital download on their Bandcamp page.

Lifted Bells is made up of five gentlemen from Chicago. They are an experimental rock group that has been together since 2010.

Take the time to check out their pages and full albums, you won’t regret it. And be on the lookout for these local acts to be performing at your neighborhood venue.