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9 Unfortunate Thoughts We're All Are Having On The CTA

By Staff in News on Aug 3, 2014 4:00PM

1. What could have possibly caused these many delays?

2. Oh god this train car smells like actual crap.

3. I feel completely violated.

[Via RedEye]

4. The heat is on...during the summer?

5. lncoming!

6. I could crawl faster than this train is moving.

The CTA Brown Line is the slowest it has been in nearly two years, with nearly a quarter of track under slow zone, according to a CTA report posted online this week.

Twenty-three percent of Brown Line track is under slow zone, which requires trains to travel 35 miles per hour or slower because of conditions, like weathered track or construction, according to a CTA June slow zone map. CTA trains can reach 55 miles per hour systemwide.

Read more here.

7. Apparently that bag is more important than everyone else in the world.

8. This tracker cannot be right.

9. Ughhhhhh, Ventra!

By: Yolanda Carney