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River North Partiers Can Create A Ruckus, As Long As They Are White

By Melissa McEwen in News on Aug 21, 2014 8:30PM

"Beet Variation, come in and try it today! It's made with Blue cheese, honey, orange, fennel, horseradish topped with mascarpone." via Noveau Tavern's Facebook

That's the message a recent racist scrawling on a club owned and patronized by African Americans expressed. DNAinfo reports that "N----- GO HOME" was written on the front of Nouveau Tavern, an African-American owned bar, restaurant and club that serves Cajun and Creole food.

Nobody likes living around clubs or rowdy bars, but River North is a mecca for them. As we reported on our Douche Vortex map, these businesses do attract crime. But Nouveau Tavern has been targeted by local residents in a way that other businesses like Irish bars and Viagra Triangle slime pits have not. This is despite the fact that the owners have made efforts to reduce their impact on the surrounding area.

Some people claim that Nouveau Tavern is responsible for an increase in crime in that area, but no obvious increase can be seen in the data.

Red is 2013 crime data, blue is 2014. Data is from May to August. Green arrow is Nouveau Tavern.

If NIMBY residents were making a concerted effort against the disorderly atmosphere of the neighborhood, that would be one thing. But the graffiti just confirms that the targeting on this business is at least partially racially-charged. Owner Marsette Mangum tells DNAinfo Chicago, "People were vomiting in the alley to the east of us before we even opened."

Guess that vomit is only OK if it comes out of the mouth of someone who is white.

If you want to support Nouveau Tavern, it might be a great time to try their tasty-looking Southern-style eats.