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Blagojevich Pens Another Prison Love Letter To Wife

By Chuck Sudo in News on Aug 27, 2014 2:00PM

When you’re in prison you have few things to do outside of keeping time. (At least, that’s what we’ve been told.) Former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich knows this and marked the anniversary of his marriage to wife Patti with a letter from prison. Patti Blagojevich shared the letter on her Facebook page “because I think it applies to everyone.”

“Dear Patti,

“Well here we are. It is now the third anniversary of me not being home to celebrate our wedding anniversary. It is so unfair, so wrong, yet maybe that’s what I get for being so cavalier about things like this when I could have properly celebrated our special day when I had the chance.

“I have learned my lesson. Never again will I treat our wedding anniversary as anything less than a national holiday. A day off; a day to celebrate; a day to make a big deal about. And why shouldn’t I. After all, next to the birth of our children, marrying you and the day it occurred, is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

“Thank you for walking through life with me. I’m sorry the journey has been so bad for so long. The end of this nightmare must surely be near.

“And I intend to use our new beginning to devote the same attention and energy I used in other things to making our world together more meaningful, especially by paying attention to the so called ‘little things’ — the things I have learned are, in a real sense, things that truly mean the most in the world. Like the love, respect, and high regard I have for you.

“I hope this day brings you some measure of joy. God willing, and it all goes as we believe and as it should, I am determined to make your happiness as much a priority as working to build a better life for our family.

“Maybe this long, dark nightmare is a blessing in disguise. Among the many lessons to be learned from it all is that life is so fragile. Without warning and with no apparent reason, what you thought would always be available suddenly disappears.

“The lesson therefore, is seize the moment when it’s there, and don’t put off the happy things for later because [they] may not be there later.

“I love you Honey. I miss you. Thank you for being my wife. Thank you for being the mother to our children Thank you for all the good times together. Thank you for the love you’ve given me. Please kiss my babies for me.

“Love, Rod xxooxxooxxooxxoo”

Since he started serving a 14-year sentence for corruption charges in 2012, Blagojevich has marked the anniversary of his marriage with letters such as these. In 2012 he wrote to his wife, "most of the best memories I have in my life are with you in them. And it is the simple and quiet times shared with you that are among the best times for me. Thank you for all the good times together. I never really knew what it was to be happy and content until I began to walk through life with you."

Say what you want about Blagojevich—and we have—we have to give him propers for being a family man, and he'll be missing out on more major life events while he serves his sentence. Sun-Times gossip columnist Michael Sneed, citing a source, reports oldest daughter Amy was accepted into Northwestern University and will be studying journalism at Medill. That's going to be one hell of a class introduction.

[h/t Sneed]