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Another Christmas Themed Bar Crawl Set To Invade Wicker Park

By Lisa White in Arts & Entertainment on Sep 16, 2014 7:40PM

A scene from last year's "Twelve Bars of XMAS" bar crawl. (Photo credit: Stephanie Barto)

If you love dressing up in overpriced ugly holiday sweaters, roaming the frigid Chicago streets wasted on shitty booze and making a general ass of yourself, you’ve now got two dueling options (and neighborhoods) to do so in this year. Yes, the beloved TBOX (beloved in the sense that usually we love reading the news regarding the bad behavior at the event) has spread its booze-soaked ideology to the other side of town, to the so-called “epically known Chicago neighborhood, Wicker Park,” for the Chicago Christmas Crawl.

Now mind you, this new crawl isn’t even TBOX or TBOX affiliated, but is put on by the “former Promoters/Digital Marketers of the largest Chicago Christmas Bar Crawl in Wrigleyville.” And it just happens to be the same day as TBOX. Which means the Chicago Christmas Crawl is basically sending a big old “fuck you!’ to their former buddies over at TBOX by having their event at the same damn time. Don’t let the classy logo fool you, someone seems clearly out for revenge.

Personally we think if you are copying the idea of an event that is already well established, maybe make it a different day since you are likely pulling from the same demographic? Unless you really don’t care about attendance and just want to grab money/people from your former friends/promoters. I mean they already didn’t research the hashtag they are using for the event, which someone pointed out on Twitter it’s the exact same hashtag as the Cincinnati Comic Con. We’re guessing these two audiences don’t have a large overlap. This whole thing sounds like the promoter version of whipping your dicks out to compare who has the biggest.

If this is your sort of thing, you can sign up online for your ticket and turkey baster (ugh, yes) here. The bars haven’t been announced yet, but mark your calendars now folks to steer clear of both Wrigleyville and Wicker Park on Dec. 13.

[H/T Seth F.]