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Friday Afternoon Diversion: Another Hot Doug's Post

By Lisa White in Arts & Entertainment on Oct 3, 2014 8:00PM

Yeah, we know. Like most in Chicago, we can get a bit obsessive and verge into overkill. But it's the last day to say goodbye to a business that truly celebrates and embodies much of the wonderful things about Chicago. Hard work, dedication, loyalty and celebrating the things you love. So we're gonna pour it on thick while we still can.

Earlier this summer, Hot Doug's was inducted into the Vienna Beef Hall of Fame (yes that exists and it is awesome). Doug Sohn sat down to chat with Vienna Beef, accepting the award and talking about how it felt. Doug summed it up short, sweet and perfectly: "It's really cool."

Cheers to Doug, who only has a few more hours to go until he gets to sit down and enjoy his own order at Hot Doug's before hopefully kicking off his shoes and propping his feet up next week. His standing behind the counter days are over. Enjoy, Doug!