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Terrible Spaceship Celebrate The Release Of LP2 At Adler Planetarium Tomorrow

By Katie Karpowicz in Arts & Entertainment on Oct 15, 2014 8:30PM

Photo courtesy of Terrible Spaceship

Zany, campy, creepy, odd. These are some of the words one might use to describe Hollywood's sci-fi b-movies of the 1960s. Conveniently, these are also many of the same adjectives we'd use to describe Terrible Spaceship's music, that of a Chicago band who fell in love with the same films we're referencing and decided to add their own soundtracks. The only difference is that the descriptors draw much more positive connotations when you realize the band is being purposely wacky in its style and it's all in good fun.

Terrible Spaceship has been delighting local fans for years with its ability to repurpose audio and visual samples from past eras and lace them with funk-jazz-rock grooves on stage.

Some of the band's samples include famous pieces of media like Orson Welles's "War of the Worlds" broadcast. Others are less revered much like the focal point of the band's new album. Despite the fact that Terrible Spaceship has been performing a set inspired by the 1966 flick Zontar, The Thing from Venus for quite some time, but now they've finally captured the creature in album form.

Tomorrow, Oct. 16, Terrible Spaceship celebrates the release of its second album, drawing its name from the film that informs the music at the Adler Planetarium—can you think of a more perfect setting?

If you've seen Terrible Spaceship's Zontar set before, know that it sounds more developed than ever in studio recording form. Though their love for movies in the horror and science fiction genre remains constant, it seems the members of Terrible Spaceship's styles never do. Zontar moves from industrial rock to tango to futuristic electronic dance beats in mere seconds.

Tickets for the band's release show in the Johnson Star Theater of the Adler Planetarium are still on sale for $15, but the show is likely to sell out soon. Act fast!

If you really want to prepare yourself for the show, Zontar, The Thing from Venus in full is on Youtube: