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A Reminder To 'Bug Us' With Your Ask A Scientist Questions

By Marielle Shaw in Arts & Entertainment on Oct 16, 2014 6:00PM

Photo credit: Bill Guerriero

Last month, we introduced you to Corrie Moreau, the Field Museum’s Associate Curator in the Integrative Research Center. She specializes in insects and has devoted her life to finding out what makes them tick, specifically with ants and the wide variety of species that are found around the world.
We gave you some background on her and we threw it out to you to ask some questions. But we’re looking for more!

From where we stand, this is the time of year we get in closer quarters with creepy crawlies and we don’t just mean the fake spiders strewn about every Halloween display. The real things are packing their little suitcases and moving indoors with us, like it or not. And bugs are all over the news, from the lovely local honey coming out of Lurie Garden to the somewhat terrifying brown recluse situation in Missouri that's been all over the news recently.

We know you’ve got questions so don’t be shy! Ask how to share space with spiders, what the best way to discourage fruit flies is, or what exactly city bees do when they’re not reaping the benefits of overflowing summer festival trash cans. We’ll bring those questions to Corrie, and she’ll bring those answers to you. So…get on it! Let’s hear from you! Leave your questions in the comments and we'll forward them to Corrie.