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Michael Jordan: Obama Is A Shitty Golfer

By Chuck Sudo in News on Oct 30, 2014 9:50PM

Some things never change, like political corruption in Chicago, the idol worship of Mike Ditka, and Ahmad Rashad burying his nose deep in Michael Jordan's ass.

Thankfully, the Greatest Basketball Player of All Time stopped giving a fuck once he finally retired from the game and became owner of the NBA's Charlotte Hornets. Now working for the golfing lifestyle Back9 Network, Rashad—the Jerome Benton to Jordan's Morris Day—asked Jodran who would be in Jordan's dream foursome on the golf course. ("You would be in mine," Rashad said between breaths before he went back up Jordan's ass.)

"You wouldn't be in mine," Jordan replied before listing golf legend Arnold Palmer and President Obama on his foursome. Then Jordan made things interesting by kicking Obama off his dream foursome. The reason?

"He's a hack, it would be all day playing with him."

Nice to see Jordan's sociopathic competitiveness hasn't waned in his middle age.

After Rashad asked if Jordan wanted to say that to the president, Jordan continued.

"I never said he wasn't a great politician, I'm just saying he's a shitty golfer."

As for who would join Palmer on Jordan's foursome, we don't know, because Rashad doesn't know when to shut up but also because we don't care about the Back9 Network enough to tune in, even if we had cable. We mainly found this interesting because Rashad can still suck up to Jordan as if the mid-90s never ended.