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Thrillist Offers Some Compelling Reasons Why The South Side Is The Best Side

By Chuck Sudo in News on Nov 4, 2014 8:20PM

Photo credit: Eric Allix Rogers

Having lived south of 22nd Street (er, Cermak Road) for over 15 years and counting, I'll be the first to tout the virtues of Chicago's South Side to any Philistine with a mailing address north of Madison Street. The North Side may get all the attention and most of the good press, but it's the South Side where Chicago's pulse is located. To use a books analogy, the North Side is a pulp novel; the South Side is Infinite Jest, a story with multiple layers that demands your attention and takes you in directions you didn't expect.

Thrillist's Evan F. Moore recognizes this and put together a list of "23 things people don't understand about the South Side (unless you're from there)." Some of the items on the list are plain fact: Ernie Banks lived in South Shore for several years because Cubs fans were okay rooting for "Mr. Cub" as long as he didn't live with them; the Bud Billiken Parade is the best parade in the city; the argument over whether Lem's or Leon's has the best BBQ—it's a tossup, personally—has divided families in much the same manner as who has the best thin crust pizza.

Then there are the quirks that used to be citywide when I was a kid, such as neighborhood block clubs. And while I don't laugh in someone's face when he or she says the South Side is a dangerous place, I do let them know there's more to living Out South than murder and shooting statistics. I do take some issue with whether Harold's is the best fried chicken in town—that depends on which Harold's you're visiting.

Seriously, check out the list, then plan a field trip on the Red, Green or Orange Lines. You'll be happy you did.