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Enjoying A Warm And Melodious Night With Blonde Redhead

By Carrie McGath in Arts & Entertainment on Nov 6, 2014 10:00PM

Blonde Redhead, photo by Marlene Marino

Blonde Redhead delivered a melodious and engrossing show at Bottom Lounge Monday night. Their set opened with the dreamy title track of their new album, Barragán, before gradually amping up through the remainder of the show as they peppered new songs in amongst classic tracks from 23 and Misery is a Butterfly. The 10-song set ended and the crowd applauded for an encore that was aptly delivered, ending the entire show with a rigorous rendition of "23."

Never a band requiring overly theatrical sets, their minimalist stage decorations are created by band member Simone Pace. The props hung as white abstractions behind the band and solidly complimented their characteristically ephemeral music as complex songs navigated textured harmonies.

After 21 years together, the trio—including Pace's brother Amedeo and singer Kazu Makino—shares an artistic connection that grows with every new album. Their relationship is one of constant collaboration and this is particularly palpable during their live performances. There's never a need for the members of Blonde Redhead to speak to each other; the songs thread between them and through the audience quite effortlessly, urging an excited room of fans to soak it all in with ease and abandon.

New York-based singer-songwriter Luke Temple opened the show and helped to set a soft, cool tone, readying the audience for the main event. One of the Pace brothers stood among us in the audience during Temple's set, and intently watching Temple deliver an alt-folk score laced with poetically bohemian lyrics. The entire evening was intimate and cohesive and Bottom Lounge's inherently relaxed atmosphere seated it all perfectly.