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Hedy Hey, A Pretty Great Print Error From The Sun-Times

By Lisa White in News on Nov 14, 2014 4:40PM

Yes, editors and writers are humans and we make mistakes (despite what many commenters think) but sometimes you see an error so obvious, that you can't help but laugh. I mean c'mon, who didn't enjoy a hearty chuckle when that adorable kitten took over the Chicago Tribune's website last year? So when we saw this page from today's Sun-Times, we couldn't help but stifle a laugh while we felt some sort of solidarity with the poor soul who let this go to print:

Ben Finfer, a weekday host on 87.7 The Game in Chicago, tweeted the above photo this morning. It caught the attention of managing editor of the Sun-Times, Craig Newman, who looked into it so Finfer could at least know what the print edition was suppose to say:

Honestly? We liked the first one better. "Hedy Hey Hedy Hey Hedy decky decky decky," is really fun if you sing it out loud. Much more catchy. Maybe disgruntled Bears fans can start chanting it at games?

Our thoughts are with the copy editor who let this slide by. We've all been there, buddy, and hey, at least it's Friday?