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Meet The Poor Bastard Livetweeting TBOX Stone Cold Sober

By Melissa McEwen in News on Dec 13, 2014 8:30PM

2014_12_TBOX_guy.png Red Eye's Mick Swasko with Kyle Garchar

To many normal humans, TBOX is a mystifying experience. Why would anyone pay money to dress like a Christmas-themed idiot and get wasted on sub-par alcohol while wading through barf? One brave normal human named Kyle Garchar decided to find out. He visited TBOX while not participating, accompanying his TBOXing roommate.

His Tweets record an adventures including losing his drunk roommate and jello shots. He briefly connects with another normal human who has to clean up after the rampaging TBOXers spread cereal crap all over the floor. It culminates with him meeting a TBOXer who is offended he is not also drunk and who claims to be "Miss Fucking Arizona", who later cries into his roommate's cheap Santa costume.