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City Cracks Down On New Year's Happy Hours

By Melissa McEwen in Food on Dec 17, 2014 8:00PM

This year the city went after bars that violated Illinois' Happy Hour Law, which not only bans happy hours, but also bans open-bar deals. DNAinfo Chicago reports the bars in question were hit with fines and the possibility of losing their licenses. Apparently the city combed over online New Year's advertisements to find 81 violators including many popular establishments like Girl and the Goat, RM Champagne, Chicago Children's Museum and The Wit.

There are some exceptions to the open bar law, such as for private events during a set period of time. Frontier used these exceptions to fight the fines, arguing their New Year's Eve package was a private party. Inconsistent enforcement of the Happy Hour Law in the past left many businesses blindsided by the fines.

And yet destructive bacchanals like TBOX are totally unregulated? It seems like this is more about collecting cash than about the side effects of binge drinking. But you know, the city has to protect us all from people drinking at Girl and the Goat.