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Music Video Of The Day: Bella Novela 'Telemetry'

By Tankboy in Arts & Entertainment on Jan 12, 2015 11:15PM

You've probably never heard of Bella Novela. But this L.A. power trio's latest album Telemetry is one of those I can't stop playing, even though I waver back and forth trying to decide if its genius or just so over the top it demands my attention. In the end they just end up being too much fun to ignore, so I'm going to side with genius.

I've described them to friends as Rush meets The Cars fronted by a woman, but honestly that doesn't do their sound justice. They just released a video for the title track from the album today so check it out. Let me know if you think it's as much riotous fun as I do. And then let's all try and convince them to trek across the U.S. and play Chicago.

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