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Quick Look: Banish Hangry With Comfort Food Appetizers At Kinmont

By Melissa McEwen in Food on Jan 26, 2015 8:00PM


It was a cold night and weary from work and a disappointing day, I found myself at Kinmont. Luckily their appetizers are the perfect kind of comfort food to banish winter blues and the hungry tired feeling sometimes called “hangry.” And besides that, they are some of the most delicious in the city.

The steak tartare has meaty morsels on top of perfectly toasted white bread engineered to absorb the meat’s juices, as well as a topping of creamy uni and crispy shallots.


In case that’s not rich enough for you, there is the king crab gratin. The fresh crab is shredded and cooked in velvety aged cheddar and seasoned with lovely green chives.

And no matter what you get on the appetizer menu, you can’t pass up the warm chewy Parker House rolls. They remind me of rolls that were served to diners in Southern boarding houses in days long gone by. One of my pet peeves is bread served with cold and impossible to spread butter, but these come with a soft house-cultured butter flecked with sea salt that is perfectly absorbed by the pillowy roll’s airy folds.

We also highly recommend their excellent cocktails and their fish entrees, though these appetizers can certainly be combined to make a meal in themselves.

Quick Look takes a look at some aspect of a restaurant based on one visit.