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Video: Proof Of Chicago's Love/Hate Relationship With Snow Over The Decades

By Chuck Sudo in Arts & Entertainment on Feb 5, 2015 9:00PM

Some of us may be grousing about all the snow we received this week. But at least it wasn't as bad as four years ago when hundreds of motorists left their cars stranded on Lake Shore Drive. Nor was it 1979 when we couldn't walk to the garage for weeks. And then there are still some folks who will remind you the greatest blizzard of all happened in 1967. (The Blizzard of 1999, for some reason, often gets ignored.)

What we're trying to say is the more things change, the more they stay the same, as evidenced in this 15-minute supercut from Chicago Film Archives. The excerpts show people playing in the cold, babies frolicking in the park and drivers ready to cut a motherfucker with a broken beer bottle if someone parks in a spot they spent days shoveling clear.

And you have to love the pantomime horse on skates. There isn't enough pantomime in our lives these days. Could someone dress as a pantomime horse and skate the ice ribbon at Maggie Daley Park?