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Glitter Creeps Monthly Show No Ordinary LGBT Party

By Casey Moffitt in Arts & Entertainment on Feb 16, 2015 8:45PM

The Cell Phones perform at the November Glitter Creeps show. photo credit: marisa km

The third Wednesday of the month is approaching and that only can mean one thing—the Glitter Creeps are about to invade Empty Bottle with another queer-friendly rock show.

What started as a regular DJ night at Archie's Tavern has evolved into a live show each month, usually featuring local punk or new wave bands.

"Archie's used to do the Queer Social Club, and it was run by a friend of mine," explained Glitter Creeps organizer, Donnie Moore. "He stopped doing it after the crowd started dwindling and nothing new or exciting was going on with it. At the same time, I was trying to start something up, and I figured I'd just take it over at Archie's."

Moore said he began inviting local bands with gay members or those supportive of the LGBT community to play DJ sets, promote their new material or upcoming shows. But Moore said he always envisioned Glitter Creeps to include live music.

They've found a home at Empty Bottle, which Moore said has been very receptive to hosting a show each month.

"I'm very grateful to them, especially Christen Thomas who books over there. They've been supportive from day one," Moore said. "I think it's the perfect space because it's not really known as a gay place. I know they used to do some Homocore shows back in the day, but it's kind of the opposite of a gay bar. It's dark and it's got a punk vibe, but it doesn't feel exclusively like a punk bar either. It's very open."

Donnie Moore- photo credit: marisa km
Openness is what Moore is trying to establish with Glitter Creeps. The shows still feature bands with gay members, are supportive of the community or play music that might appeal to a LGBT crowd. Although Moore said he likes hosting a night where gay people can feel comfortable hanging out, he's not trying to exclude others.

"We've focused on indie rock/new wave bands geared toward the gay community, and we want it to be a place where gay people can feel super comfortable and not be a bar in Boystown," Moore said. "Usually our crowd is about 50/50 gay/straight, and everybody is comfortably hanging out. It's awesome."

"I feel there's a lot of gay night exclusive things out there already, and I think there should be those things out there for people," Moore continued. "I want Glitter Creeps to be open to everyone, but keep the idea that it's not a typical show at the Empty Bottle."

Moore said he attempted to host a Glitter Creeps show at a club in Boystown, but it didn't go over too well.

"They seemed very skeptical about having a rock night and I got a bad vibe from it," Moore said. "A few months later the club shut down so I guess my instincts were right."

Meat Wave, Mr. Ma'am and Nervous Passenger will take the Empty Bottle stage Wednesday night as part of this month's Glitter Creeps showcase, maintaining the predominantly punk/new wave focus. Moore said he's familiar with a lot of those bands as he plays in local outfit Absolutely Not!

"It's the music I'm most familiar with and the most excited about," he said. "It seems like it died for a little while, but it's come back strong and in an interesting way especially here in Chicago. It's growing like crazy and I think it's great."

But Moore said he's not afraid to find other kinds of bands. The Oh No's will be part of the March showcase, which Moore described as more of an "experimental art" band. Moore said he's also talking with some "bigger" out of town acts to join the party.

Moore does have some help putting the shows together, as he's employed the help of his sister, Madison. She helps book bands and slings drinks at the shows.

"She's always been very supportive person in my life in everything I've done," he said. "She's funny and people seem to like being around her and buying drinks from her."

If you're looking for Moore at the next Glitter Creeps show, check the DJ booth, as he maintains the last vestige of the original Glitter Creeps events.

Glitter Creeps is a monthly showcase held at Empty Bottle, 1035 N. Western Ave., the third Wednesday of each month. This week features Meat Wave, Mr Ma'am and Nervous Passenger. Tickets are $5. 21 and older.