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Emanuel Cops To Being Unlikable In New Campaign Ad

By Chuck Sudo in News on Mar 4, 2015 4:30PM

Mayor Rahm Emanuel's latest campaign ad employs a unique strategy.

Peep, peeps.

To say Emanuel "rubs people the wrong way" may be an understatement; there's a reason "anyone but Rahm" has become a growing sentiment that seems probable in his head-to-head matchup against Chuy Garcia. But as former Pat Quinn spokeswoman Brooke Anderson, now blogging for NBC Chicago notes, this is a good way of turning a negative into a positive.

"He could warm up his appeal to voters by acknowledging, at the right moment in the weeks ahead, that he hasn’t done everything right. And while his supporters say he’s been making tough choices to move the city forward, sending some smoke signals that he will take a more inclusive approach to governing in his second term would probably go a long way," Ward Room blogger Brooke Anderson wrote in a Feb. 25 piece opining how Emanuel could gain momentum in the race. "Imperfection resonates. It’s human. Some off-message sincerity -- even vulnerability -- could be just what the mayor needs."

Or Emanuel could stay the course and continue to let others tout his accomplishments in campaign ads, such as they are.