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You Can Now Play Cards Against Humanity Online For Free

By Lisa White in Arts & Entertainment on Mar 11, 2015 4:15PM

Have you ever wished you could play Cards Against Humanity with your friends without ever leaving your house and while sitting in your underpants? Your future is now, thanks to a new web app, Cards Against Originality.

The app allows anyone to join along and play with their friends (or anyone with a direct link inviting them to a game) as long as they have a phone, tablet or access to a computer. The app not only includes all the original Cards Against Humanity cards, but the five expansion sets as well. And it is totally free to play.

How is all this awesomeness possible? Because the fine folks at Cards Against Humanity licensed their game under a Creative Commons license, which makes it totally legal for anyone to be able to remix the game and send it out into the world for free. As long as money isn't being made on the endeavor, people are free to make some really rad Cards Against Humanity goodness.

Cards Against Originality is simple enough. One player heads over to the website and starts a game. This generates a share link you can message or email to other players. Then to join a game, all they need to do is click on the link. Once all players are in, you are able to "ping all players" and make sure everyone has joined the game. You then play the game by dragging and dropping cards and there is even a handy setting tab with rules to official CAH rules if a heated debate breaks out.

Although simple, what makes this so great is the fact that, as Business Insider points out, we live in a digital age where everyone has a device on them, so this makes setting up an engaging fun game a lot easier than carrying around a box of cards. So next time you need a way to revive a dead party or just have a little fun, bust out your phone and start up a game on Cards Against Originality and get crass with all your friends, family and loved ones with just one click.

[H/T John K.]