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A Bottle Of Creamy, Bubbly Ramos Gin Fizz At Fish Bar

By Kristine Sherred in Food on Mar 25, 2015 6:45PM

Bottled Ramos Gin Fizz by Michael Rubel, at Fish Bar (photo courtesy of Fish Bar)

This week at Fish Bar, the talented Michael Rubel flexes his methodical muscles with one of the toughest cocktails in the book— The Ramos Gin Fizz. To celebrate the DMK seafood spot’s fifth anniversary, this cocktail can be yours for one $5 bill.

These days a $5 cocktail is a rarity and a memorable $5 cocktail is an anomaly. The $5 it takes to enjoy this bottled (bottled and bubbly!) Ramos Gin Fizz will be some of the best dollars you’re likely to spend on a cocktail this year.

The classic Ramos Fizz recipe calls for only a couple of teaspoons of cream, versus the more standard recipe’s full ounce. Rubel opts for whole milk instead and skips the egg white entirely, which might seem an odd choice for a classic cocktail.

The cocktail is then force carbonated in the bottle, a special technique that makes it far different from many other bottled cocktails, which tend to just be large batches portioned out for ease of service.

When they started the force carbonation process for the cocktail “I had no idea what was going to happen,” Rubel admits, but he knew exactly what kind of texture he wanted to achieve with the combination of lime and lemon, milk, a traditional botanical gin, a few drops of orange blossom water and plenty of forced bubbles in that bottle.

Rubel’s bottled version not only looks snazzy and takes a second to pop open, but it surprises in its viscosity, sizzling airily along the sides of the mouth. The milk is a beautiful choice and based on my conversation with the drink maker, though he won’t admit all of his secrets, he had his reasons for omitting the egg white.

Take my word for it, or, take Rubel’s: “Throw out any preconceptions of how to put a cocktail together,” and you just might have something fun on your hands.

Fish Bar (956 N. Sheffield) features the $5 bottled Ramos Gin Fizz through Sunday, March 29.