Lollapalooza Bans Selfie Sticks

By Jim Bochnowski in Arts & Entertainment on Mar 26, 2015 9:45PM


Have you always wanted to take a picture of yourself with a blurry Sir Paul McCartney in the background? Do you dream of putting a jittery video of you and your friends dancing along to Florence + the Machine on Instagram?

Too bad, says Lollapalooza!

In an effort to save festival-goers from themselves, Lollapalooza, the annual summer music festival that takes over Grant Park, has officially banned the use of selfie sticks, placing the social media fad on the same list as fireworks, guns, and illegal drugs. Lollapalooza has joined a number of museums, concert venues, and sporting arenas around the world in a race to prevent fellow ticket buyers from the general nuisance.

Most importantly, your photo from the concert will probably be lost in a sea of #lollapalooza on Instagram, so why don't you just enjoy the moment?