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Will This Restaurant Be Crowned Chicago's Douchiest?

By Melissa McEwen in Food on Mar 26, 2015 5:40PM

"Have you been to American Junkie?" my friend said to me as we walked down Illinois Street after dinner at one of the few restaurants in the area which isn't filled with douches taking shots.

"You mean seen the movie?" (I was thinking of American Hustle)

"No, the restaurant."

She pointed up and there it was, in all its glory, a restaurant named American Junkie, serving the foods of the early 2000s like tuna tartare and gringo tacos that have become the hallmark of a douchey restaurant.

Sadly, it closed before I could torture myself by going there. But luckily the owner is opening a new restaurant, The Hampton Social. Eater reports it will have a Hampton's theme (duh), because, like, the Hamptons is where the rich and famous people are or something.

If it couldn't get even more douchey, the owner also says "The menu is geared towards a woman's palate." Which is stuff like an entire section of the menu that will be devoted to lobster.

OK, I'm a woman and I like lobster, but I like most foods that are delicious because I'm a human. Also I like fried chicken more and 5/5 of the women I surveyed on Gchat agree, so if they really want to serve us, they really need to change their focus. That said, it seems a bit daft to make a menu geared towards only one gender anyway.

Either way, I look forward to putting on my douche disguise and visiting when it opens so I can snark further.