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First Church Of Cannabis Founded In Indiana Hours After SB 101 Signed Into Law

By Jim Bochnowski in News on Mar 31, 2015 10:00PM

St├ęphane Bidouze/ Shutterstock
As Governor Mike Pence slowly backs away from a full-throated defense of Indiana's controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act (Editor's Note: Pence stated earlier today he wants a bill on his desk by the end of the week "making it clear the law does not allow businesses the right to deny services to anyone."), here comes the First Church of Cannabis and its wonderful founder, the Grand Poobah and Minister of Love, Bill Levin.

Established hours after Governor Pence signed the discriminatory statute into law, the Church stresses principles such as "Don't Be an Asshole," "Never Start a Fight, Only Finish Them," and, of course, the consumption of marijuana. According to documents obtained by the Washington Post, they are an officially recognized religion in the state of Indiana.

According to Abdul Hakim-Shabazz, writing at Indy Politics, under the RFRA, the state would be required to "articulate a compelling interest in preventing you from smoking pot." While Hakim-Shabazz states that the state would be unable to do so, it would certainly make a compelling test case in Indiana.

So while Illinois residents wait for the state to finally establish medical marijuana distribution centers, maybe the real answer is to just find religion across the state line instead.