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Video: Golf Cart On The Loose At Loyola Leads To Laughs

By Lisa White in News on Apr 17, 2015 2:00PM

A runaway golf cart being chased by campus police sounds like a cutting room floor scene from National Lampoon's Animal House. Unfortunately for a few officers, this hilarious scenario came to life recently at Loyola University. Students gawked while the pair attempted to catch a driverless golf cart that was malfunctioning and driving backwards in circles on campus.

You can check out the original video on Youtube, but we highly recommend watching it soundtracked to "Yakety Sax," which we've conveniently set up below. Click mute on the original golf cart video to get the full effect.

YouTube Doubler

Joseph Bailey Jr., a Loyola biology major, was the lucky student who encountered the hijinks and pressed record on his phone. DNAinfo Chicago spoke to Bailey about the incident, who said that by the end of the ordeal a crowd of 100 onlookers were watching the battle of man vs. machine.

As the students snicker while the campus police officers chase after the cart, Bailey is the voice in the background stating "I've never seen anything like this in my life, but this is probably the best thing I've ever seen." Ah, the low expectations of college life. That said, we are pretty jealous since we never were able to witness any comical runaway vehicle shenanigans during our college years. The officers are eventually able to catch the cart, as the onlookers applaud, one of the men throwing his baton down in triumph. This round's win goes to man, better luck next time, golf cart.