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Video: Vote For The New Victory Auto Wreckers Commercial

By Jim Bochnowski in Arts & Entertainment on Apr 20, 2015 9:20PM

As mentioned before, Victory Auto Wreckers' legendary commercial is finally retiring after 30 years of classic television existence. The salvage yard opened up a contest to come up with a new commercial and whittled the voluminous amount of entries down to eight, which you, the Chicago local television commercial watching audience, can vote for. So which ad deserves to take a seat on the Victory Auto Wreckers throne and be on the air for another 30 years? Let's take a closer look at some of the candidates.

Contestant one, a classic low-budget ad in the vein of the original, with a stranded driver whose only option is to turn to the good people at Victory Auto Wreckers. Timeless quality, very much enjoyed.

Behind door number two we have a local ad consisting of an extremely low budget Tyrannosaurus Rex, the mascot of the auto yard, who is so excited about good deals on car parts he eats an entire car. I'm not sure what message this is sending, but I dig the low-budget CGI style.

Claymation! There's simply not enough claymation in our lives any more. So points for that.

This genuinely made me laugh a lot. The message? Don't light your car on fire! Sell it! For money! A+.

A man greeted by a genie giving him free money and women for a car seems like a winning strategy, but is this overselling? Or am I just reading too much into this (I am definitely doing that). The flashback to the original ad is a nice touch.

Seeming recreation of the original ad, culminating in a group of attractive young hipsters dancing around in an auto yard. Not bad, but could use just a little something more.

Man's car falls apart around him, resulting in a harrowing examination of one's own life. Dramatic, fully realized, amazing and deeply impactful work.

A man drives a car fashioned out of bathroom mirrors, a belt as seat belt and gets into his driver's seat from the back, so he clearly needs cheap auto parts! Bonus points for the creativity associated with crafting a car out of household items.

At the end of the day, I have to go with the one that actually made me laugh out loud, though, so I'm giving my vote to week #4. How about you?