You Can Now Purchase Your Very Own CTA Seat

By Jim Bochnowski in News on Apr 28, 2015 8:20PM

(Photo courtesy of item's Ebay auction page)

If you're like me, you've always wanted a way to make your apartment into a CTA train. Because what better way to invite people into your home than recreating the experience of traveling in America's sixth best public transportation system? Which is why I was so excited to see this exciting item pop up on eBay.

As of post time, listed at the low, low price of $102.50, this "rare" item was "originally purchased for Film set to be used as a prop for a mock up CTA train." Helpfully, the seller notes that this item can be used in your "mancave, bar, basement, salon, coffee shop" or as a "conversation piece." The conversation, by the way, is presumably "why do you have a disgusting subway seat in this apartment?"

After you dip your new love seat in a vat of disinfectant, your next step in turning your living area into a subway car is to buy decorations. So in order to make your guests have the distinct feeling that they're shoulder to shoulder with hundreds of strangers during a morning rush hour while sitting around your place, here's a vintage El stop sign to hang right on your wall as well.

Have an area of your home you'd rather people didn't step foot into? Easy solution! Hang a "No One Permitted on Tracks" sign on your door and create a vintage look with the same effect as that "No Girls/Boys Allowed" sign you had when you were a kid.

Complete the look with a "retro" CTA hat and you're now the captain of your very own subway apartment! You're welcome.