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Can We Talk About That Derrick Rose Buzzer-Beater Last Night?

By Lisa White in News on May 9, 2015 4:30PM

Did you hear a collective cheer of joy resonating across Chicago last night, the sound of so many Bulls fans rejoicing with their own version of the "Hallelujah" chorus? If you weren't asleep or living under a rock, by now you know that last night Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose effortlessly sunk a 3-point buzzer-beater, leading the Bulls to victory at the last moment against the Cleveland Cavaliers. If you missed it, or just want to marvel at its glory again, here ya go:

Oh, you'd like to see it from another angle? How about in slow motion? We've got that:

Yeah. That happened. It was awesome. I'm not even a sports fan and I can recognize how amazing that shot was. And who doesn't love a great win? Or, as comedian Dan Telfer points out, enjoys the "ritual humiliation of Lebron James." The anxiety of a close game, the drama around bitter rivals facing off and at the last minute, one of the stars of the team, who has gone through much tribulation, makes the winning shot as the buzzer rings out and everyone loses their damn mind. It's better than any scripted drama and one of the most thrilling moments to watch unfolding in under thirty seconds.

And of course the Internet fell apart when Rose made the shot, my timeline was full of "lkdjsglskjgksgskgjROSE" tweets and whatnot. Then much well deserved celebrating:

After Rose sunk the shot, he celebrated by jumping into the open arms of Joakim Noah while throwing the most "see what I did there?" shade face ever. The Washington Post seemed a bit confused, was Rose even celebrating? Of course he was. That's the face of a human who has been questioned of their ability, proving themselves right and basically dropping a massive mic. That is the facial expression equivalent of saying "what now, motherfuckers?" Also, as the Internet (bless it) was quick to point out, pretty much the same face "Prince" made when he beat Charlie Murphy at basketball:

An interesting fact that Washington Post pointed out was Rose's shot came exactly 26 years and one day after Michael Jordan also famously sunk a buzzer-beating 3-pointer for the Bulls in 1989. Rose's winning bucket, ending the game with a final score of 99-96, was also the Bulls' first winning buzzer-beater during a playoff since Jordan landed one during Game 1 of the NBA Finals in 1997. Bleacher Report made a video combining Rose's shot last night with Jordan's '89 shot you can enjoy below. Like always, it's still a Madhouse on Madison here in Chicago.