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Happy Hour Might Become Legal In Illinois

By Melissa McEwen in Food on May 29, 2015 9:55PM

Did you know that happy hour is illegal in Illinois? That means every year when all the other cities in our Ist network do a "Best Happy Hours" list, we have to do a list of other alternative specials. We are shocked that none of these cities has fallen into the boozy pit of Satan because the Happy Hour law supposedly protects us from alcohol over-consumption (it does a fantastic job). Luckily we might get some rare political semi-sanity as The Culinary and Hospitality Modernization Act passed the state House last Thursday which would allow restaurants and bars to serve discounted drives for up to 4 hours a day as long as the hours don't exceed 15 per week.

Crains reports it would also get rid of another incredibly stupid restriction on pairing alcoholic beverages with meals. Yep, those ritzy wine pairings you've been having are technically illegal, but will no longer be so if the Act passes. And house-infused spirits will also become legal.

It's not all removal of restrictions, though. The bill would also require mandatory training on identifying signs of intoxication, stopping underage sales and local alcohol regulations for all those who serve alcohol. This could create an unfortunate hurdle for people like guest bartenders from out of state and the evidence that these programs work is inconsistent.

If you're rooting for the Act, contact your congressperson to voice your support.