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Mammoths And Mastodons Come Back To The Field

By Marielle Shaw in Arts & Entertainment on May 30, 2015 4:00PM


Modern times are great. We’ve got smartphones and GPS and, pretty soon, possibly self-driving cars. It’s an exciting time to be on Earth. But let’s not kid ourselves—there were some pretty amazing things we missed. Ask any 8-year-old who’s learning about dinosaurs, Saber-toothed Tigers and Cro-Magnon men, and they’ll tell you…it was pretty awesome way back when, too.

Since we haven’t got time travel down yet,The Field Museum has graciously offered to give us a peek at the wonders of the Ice Age with Mammoths and Mastodons, a popular exhibition that debuted back in 2010 and has made a new and improved comeback, with a "re-opening" that launched this week.

The exhibit features life-sized animal reconstructions, giant elephant tusks and plenty of interactive experiences for kids and their families. Learn how elephants teach us about their more tusk-forward ancestors, the mammoths, and even take part in some tusk-jousting. There will also be authentic prehistoric artwork and fossils on display, some of which were not available for public viewing when the exhibition first debuted. This is a world class collection that originally traveled around the world and has been brought out of the vault due to popular demand. If you want to see what all the fuss was about, then and now, you only have until September 13. We recommend you get on the horn.