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Streaker Tries To Net $250,000 Prize By Running Naked In Front Of Rahm

By Rachel Cromidas in News on Jun 29, 2015 6:35PM

Meet Jackie S. The 26-year-old Bridgeport resident saw Greek billionaire Alki David's tone-deaf offer to pay anyone who streaks in front of Mayor Rahm Emanuel $250,000, and ran with it.

Jackie, who did not want her full name identified with the potentially-illegal stunt, did not hear David's radio interview last week in Chicago, during which he issued the challenge, one of many he has made over the years, while promoting a movie about his penchant for juvenile stunts. But after reading a Time Out article on the dare, she knew right away she was down.

Warning: video is NSFW.

20150628 131739 from Jackie S on Vimeo.

After two days of searching for the mayor in vain, Jackie finally ran into him at Chicago's 46th Annual Pride Parade, which kicked off Sunday afternoon in Uptown. Shortly before Emanuel finished his march at the Parade's end on Diversey Parkway, Jackie seized her moment, she told Chicagoist, setting her cell phone to record the video and pulling off her dress.

While at least dozens of LGBTQ Pride celebrators went topless to the Parade this year, Jackie's reasons for running naked through the parade were a little different.

"I did it mostly for the money, but I want to use it for social justice causes," Jackie, who has been involved in Occupy and other social movements, said in an interview. "I have every intention of donating a lot of the money to the Chicago Bail Fund, and the National Lawyers Guild, which defends protesters who were arrested—different organizations that need the funding."

Jackie said she planned on chanting "Yay boobs, yay butts, fuck your budget cuts," as she ran past the mayor, who was flanked by security guards whom she said body-checked her as she went by, but she forgot in the moment.

That might be a problem for David, who told Chicagoist in an email Monday that, for a streaking attempt to be eligible for the money, the streaker must chant "Battlecam" within earshot of Emanuel. He's promoting that movie, remember?

"As I said on the show... The streaker needs to have written on their chest and scream "battlecam" TWICE in earshot of Rahm," David wrote.

Jackie did neither. But she said she believes her streaking should still count.

"I want to hold Alki David to his word," she said. "He re-tweeted the TimeOut Chicago article, and in the article it just said to streak. If there was that condition, he should have said that when he re-tweeted the article."