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Grateful Dead Security Warned Fans May Be 'High' On 'Acid'

By Casey Moffitt in Arts & Entertainment on Jul 1, 2015 7:15PM

An example of folks able to responsibly enjoy music without incurring the wrath of security guards, photo by Alan

Security personnel working the Grateful Dead reunion shows have been warned they are likely to encounter fans under the influence of the powerful chemical lysergic acid diethylamide, or as it it called on the street "acid" or "LSD."

According to Live For Live Music, a flyer has reportedly been circulated to those handling security at the shows as to how to properly engage Grateful Dead fans who might be "tripping" on the hideous narcotic. As the band, and their fans, will converge at Soldier Field this weekend, we are shocked and horrified to learn of this disturbing news. SHOCKED.

Those taking the acid are prone to be put under a hallucinogenic trance in which they see, feel and hear things that do not exist, according to the flyer's information.

Although those "high" on the acid may seem harmless as they dance, spin or wave their hands in the air, the flyer also warns that someone on a "bad trip" may be "combative," have "poor judgement" and could possibly be nude.

As a precaution, we urge parents to keep their children indoors this weekend so as not to disturb this gang of druggies which may send them into a mad frenzy of unpredictable behavior. We especially want our daughters protected from crazed naked perverts roaming city streets who may not be able to control themselves while under the spell of the dangerous drug.

It sickens us to think that Soldier Field, a place dedicated to those who served their country and where Mike Ditka courageously lead the 1985 Bears to Super Bowl glory, will be transformed into a denizen of deranged dopers as they worship their false rock 'n' roll idols. Be warned Chicago, the acid eaters will be among us this weekend.

You can see the flyer Live For Live Music found and read the whole thing on their website.