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Brock Lesnar Hit Someone With A Car Door At Allstate Arena's Monday WWE Show

By Justin Freeman in Arts & Entertainment on Jul 9, 2015 8:50PM

Photo via the WWE website

The WWE was in Rosemont at the Allstate Arena Monday for a live episode of Monday Night Raw. Everything seemed to be going just fine until around the middle of the show when Brock Lesnar ripped a door from a brand new Cadillac with his bare hands, threw it into the audience in a rage and hit a person in the chest with it. Yes. That is a real thing that happened, and was caught on video, below.

While the video is not the best quality, it shows a man wearing a blue shirt getting clobbered by part of a car door after it was hurled at him at full-speed by a very angry and scarily massive 300 pound man who refers to himself as “The Beast Incarnate.”

The man who got hit is doing O.K. Last night, Cageside Seats reported the WWE said in a statement that, "WWE immediately responded to the incident during last night's show. The fan was unharmed and declined any medical attention."

Our guess is they invited him backstage, profusely apologized and hooked him up with some “please don’t sue” all-expenses-paid VIP tickets to Wrestlemania. Also, it’s worth mentioning that the car door that was thrown was probably a fake car door with most of the mechanisms removed. WWE, or at least Vince McMahon, loves to maintain the ambiguity of reality and would never outright admit it wasn’t a real car door.

This isn’t even the first time Lesnar has hit a Chicago-area audience member in his overzealousness. Apparently something similar happened last year at the Allstate Arena when he tossed a monitor so hard, it flew into the crowd and knocked some people in the face. We wonder whether other wrestlers would have been fired over an incident like this.

For some context, if you're wondering why the hell Lesnar would rip a door off a car and throw it into the crowd, here is a slightly oversimplified version of the current storyline. The WWE World Heavyweight Champion is Seth Rollins. Rollins’ character is that he’s a cowardly arrogant villain (a wrestling trope arguably perfected by Ric Flair). With each victory, Rollins has become more arrogant, reaching the point where he has alienated his allies and they have abandoned him.

Meanwhile, the undefeated former UFC champion Lesnar has been announced as Rollins’ next opponent for the World Heavyweight Championship. Lesnar infamously decimated John Cena a few months ago with sixteen German suplexes. Rollins is correctly terrified that he cannot beat Lesnar, so he bought his allies a brand new Cadillac to get them to come back. Lesnar is thoroughly annoyed with Rollins arrogance, so he appeared this past Monday with a fire axe. He proceeded to chop the cars to bits, rip the car door from it’s body with his bare hands, and throw it in the air in anger where it hit a random person sitting in the audience in the chest.

Oh, professional wrestling.