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'Bloom County' Returns After 25 Year Hiatus

By Tankboy in Arts & Entertainment on Jul 13, 2015 1:15PM

Berkeley Breathed hinted at the return of his iconic, and Pulitzer Prize-winning, comic strip Bloom County yesterday with a post of him working on a new strip at his drafting table. Why is Bloom County reappearing after all this time? Well, it turns out we might have Donald Trump's ascendance in the Republican Party presidential race to thank for it. If so, that would mean Trump has finally had a positive effect on society, even though that effect will surely lead to a constant skewering of Trump's racist, inflammatory windbaggery.

Bloom County ran throughout the '80s and often acted as a sharp jab at the conservative politics that dominated the decade. At the same time, Bloom County's large stable of fully realized characters, with breakout stars like Opus the penguin, Bill the cat and Steve Dallas, the unrepentant womanizing frat boy lawyer added a humanizing presence to the storytelling, keeping the politics from ever coming across as shrill.

Bloom County might be just the voice we need to make sense of the inane morass current-day politics have sunk into. Welcome back!

Enjoy the first Bloom County strip in 25 years below.