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Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. Finally Gives Up On Their Confusing Band Name

By Staff in Arts & Entertainment on Jul 15, 2015 9:30PM

The NASCAR uniforms the band used to wear probably didn't help the confusion (via Facebook)

Choosing a great band name is no easy chore, but sometimes you have to face the music when the totally sweet moniker you've chosen just isn't working for you anymore.

The indie-rock duo Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. has announced today that they are dropping the name of the famous NASCAR driver from their band name, and will now be known simply as JR JR. Despite receiving the blessing of the professional race car driver to continue using his name, the band decided that after over five years of confusing people, it was time for a change. The Detroit-based band announced the name change on their website—which already has an updated URL—explaining why they made the decision.

The band explains in a letter on their site that they initially chose the gimmicky name to give them flexibility, as with a name so bizarre, there "would be no expectations for what we were meant to sound like." And though there were initial legal concerns with using the professional driver's name, they received a glowing endorsement from Dale Earnhardt Jr., after they wrote to him explaining that they weren't poking fun at him. Though as the band's fanbase has grown over the years, the band explains that the confusing name began presenting other challenges:

The flip side is that as things have grown, so has the amount of confusion caused by the name Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr. Some of it is no big deal and easily cleared up. But sometimes we get sad and bizarre requests sent to our social media sites or emailed to people we work with. We’ve had people drive long distances to shows only to be disappointed when they realize it’s a neurotic Jew and wild haired gentile from Detroit they’ve paid to see. A number of times now we’ve received hope filled inquiries from people who have dying relatives that only want to meet Dale Earnhardt Jr (the driver) before they pass. Those sorts of interactions feel a little voyeuristic and eerie, and even attempting to simply clarify the situation means you’ve added a moment of embarrassment to someone’s day when they’re already going through a lot.

The transition to the JR JR will be a gradual one the band goes onto explain. So, don't worry, you'll still be able to get your Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. t-shirts at shows, and the band says you can call them by the old name if you really want.

But, in anticipation of another big announcement (a new album, perhaps?), the band feels its time to admit that they've grown both as artists and individuals. They explain, "In our mind, changing our name to JR JR allows us to take back our voice in a way. To us It is all about empowerment, and being who we feel we need to be moving forward."

By: Danny Jensen