Bloomingdale Fail: Hilarious Facebook Group Mocks The 606's NIMBY Haters

By Rachel Cromidas in News on Aug 5, 2015 10:05PM

"Wake up, sheeple."

The reasons to hate on the Bloomingdale Trail and its elevated network of public parks, The 606, are as boundless as the noises, crowds, "hobos," design flaws, and—shudder—young children that have been plaguing NIMBY neighbors since the parks opened in June.

Enter a recently-formed Facebook Group meant to highlight and playfully mock the alarmism that has set in among the trail's detractors. It's called "Enemies of the Bloomingdale Trail," with a nod to the longstanding "Friends of the Bloomingdale Trail" group that first pushed for the defunct railroad line's transformation. The group has been mercilessly chronicling the growing list of what one might call Bloomingdale Fails—in other words, the things about the trail that city officials and designers didn't quite get right in their rush to open the trail on the symbolic date of June 6.

The results so far are insightful and hilarious.

"Guys, we have to do something about that sun thing," A Vincent Truman posted Aug. 1. "Depending on the time of day, it is in my eyes. Can we make the trail subterranean or at least diagonal? Guys."

"When is the dog lane being put in?" commented David Davy.

Those complaints were just the tip of the iceberg. See for yourself:









(Hot gossip: The woman in the above photo is actually DNAinfo reporter Alisa Hauser, who has chronicled many of these NIMBY stories herself.)