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Radio Host Live-Tweets Late-Night River North In All Its Loud, Drunk Glory

By Selena Fragassi in Arts & Entertainment on Aug 10, 2015 7:26PM

It started simply enough with this Tweet …

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 12.32.01 PM.png

And suddenly a light bulb went off and a Twitter phenomenon was born.

We’re talking about #GuthGauntlet, the 140-character street-side musings of Saturday night WGN radio host Amy Guth as she soberly traverses through the “crazyass, drunk/high/rollin' trainwreck” known as River North and Streeterville on a Sunday morning after 2 a.m.

For Guth, it’s her walk home after a shift; for the rest of us, it’s a walk through the drunk urban jungle—and it’s extremely entertaining. Now you can read them all in one place with this handy Storify Guth compiled last weekend.

Just this past Saturday, some guy urinated on her door.

It was the perfect night cap after witnessing the drama of a woman practically get bartered off to a homeless man.

In fine form, Guth captures a lot of these romantic trysts (a guy once offered his bud a Four Loko as dowry for sleeping with his friend), gives us the transcript of a lot of bro/brah/dude talk and sometimes even finds herself more than the omnipresent observer (like the time a guy asked her to high five him—"for eternity").

Looking through her feed, what’s trending in Chicago is debating who’s the drunkest of them all, a lot of panties and barf and weed and equilibrium problems (because a lot of people just keep falling over). And there’s plenty of breakups to prove the love struggle is real in Chicago.

In the year-plus it’s been active, Guth has taken her Gauntlet on the road, given tours to other media people like WGN colleague James Van Osdol and even trucked through the long, hard, cold winter to keep the rest of us warm with laughter at everyone else's expense.

The loser log shows why Laugh Factory called Guth “Chicago’s Funniest Media Personality” in 2013, and has Chicago Mag's Whet Moser saying #GuthGauntlet should be kept in a museum.

Guth's wit and keen observations in and out of the studio are likely part of the reason she left her post as general manager/publisher of RedEye and Metromix in May to “pursue other projects” including radio and television opportunities and publishing her second novel, which just has Oprah's Book Club written all over it. In the meantime, keep tuning in to get gems like these.