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The Most Popular Spots For Public Urination: Wrigleyville, Wicker Park And The CTA

By Kate Shepherd in News on Aug 24, 2015 4:30PM

Wicker Park's six corners "crotch" intersection of North, Damen and Milwaukee Avenues tops Active Transportation Alliance's most dangerous intersections list. (Photo credit: Mike Travis)

We know Chicago's streets can be filthy, but there are a few you need to watch out for in particular. You know the ones, near 4 a.m. bars, sports stadiums and CTA stations, where a weary pedestrian might be excused for taking a moment to discreetly relieve themselves in public.

DNAinfo has compiled a map of all the spots where people have been ticketed for public urination since June 2013. The maximum fine for a public urination ticket in Chicago is $1,000 and police have issued a surprising 19,496 tickets between June 2013 and now.

One could argue that these people are making a positive difference. The city collects nearly $6 million in fines from those tickets and they need every penny to prevent a fiscal cliff.

It's not shocking that the alley next to the Addison Red Line stop in the heart of Wrigleyville is the city's top spot for people who pee in public. The alley attracts people avoiding long lines at bars, Cubs fans and commuters, according to an anonymous off-duty police officer.

"The best is when I catch 'em mid-stream. That's when 'fight or flight' kicks in," the cop told DNAinfo. "I've had guys pee themselves right in front of me while I write them a ticket."

Alleys next to CTA stops are some of the most popular places for peeing in town. The alley east of the train tracks at 22 E. Roosevelt Road near the Roosevelt L stop is the second most popular spot in town to get caught peeing, according to the data. More CTA stations that attract public urination include the State and Lake Red Line, the 63rd Street Green Line, the Wilson Red Line, the 95th/Dan Ryan Red Line and the Midway Orange Line.

Wicker Park is also a hub for pee tickets. Peeing is such a common sight at the intersection of North, Milwaukee and Damen that some neighborhood residents refer to it as "The Crotch." Police have issued 30 tickets for public urination outside City Soles at 1514 N. Milwaukee Ave., the famous "High Fidelity" storefront, since June 2013.

But it's hard to tell from the police department's data whether other, less-afflicted areas are truly pee free. Are people compelled to not pee there? Do they have better public restroom access? Or are people just not getting caught? Something to think about if your block looks clear.