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The Chicago Twentysomethings Behind A Pro-Donald Trump PAC

By Kate Shepherd in News on Sep 3, 2015 5:05PM

We're exiting the summer of Donald Trump (Editors note: Not soon enough!), but two Chicagoans hope to keep the momentum going and propel him into the White House.

Northwestern grads Dan Gallegos, 25, and Andrew Vlahakis, 26, started the Art of the Deal PAC to raise money for the billionaire's presidential campaign, according to Chicago Magazine.

Although they haven't met him or even heard from the self-funding candidate, they've raised enough money to run an ad on conservative news aggregator the Drudge Report.

The ad said: "If fences don't work, why does Barack Obama use one?" The image showed a close-up of the White House fence, with the infamous phrase #MakeAmericaGreatAgain, according to Fox News.

Gallegos and Vlahakis are inspired by Trump's ability to get things done, including forcing Obama to show his long-form birth certificate to the media in 2011, they told Chicago Magazine. They hope to inspire other millennials to get involved and back Trump's candidacy.

"One of the biggest values for us is to amplify the voice of the young. We know how to reach young people," Gallegos said. "Donald Trump will solve issues-the student loan crisis, the lack of good employment for people who go to college and can't find a job when they graduate. That will be the focus of our advertising, unshackling young people from collectivism."

Donald Trump, the anti-collectivist's choice? We've heard of youthful rebellion, but we're not sure this counts.